There are ways to both reduce your tax liability and increase your retirement security during these economical conditions.  At Peter Feldenheimer & Associates, our tax-qualified programs could enable you to increase your retirement saving more than normally provided with a Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) or Profit Sharing Plan. The chart* below offers you a sample contribution amounts which does vary by age and compensation.

Defined Benefit Plan Contributions Comparison Chart:
*This chart is for illustrative purposes only, and your circumstances will differ from this example. There are many other factors
involved, such as age and service.

At Peter Feldenheimer & Associates, our team of advisors, actuaries, plan administrators, and platform managers can assist you in making the most out of your new or existing retirement plans by designing or redesigning your current plans in a tax-advantaged way.  We are truly committed to helping you improve your long-term financial success. Our customized programs are designed to grow and conserve our clients’ wealth by delivering an unprecedented level of personalized service.